NASTAR Registration Numbers

Each NASTAR participant is issued a unique Registration Number comprised of the first three letters of their last name followed by a unique 1 - 5 digit number. If you register online, you will be issued the number immediately upon completion of the online registration process. If you register on-site, you will be issued the number when the resort uploads the day's races to

The NASTAR Registration Number is unique to you and it can be used to signup to race and it can be used as your race number. Many resorts allow registered racers to skip the registration process and move right to the start gate. Simply pay your entry fee, give the starter your NASTAR Registration Number and off you go!

The registration number serves as a NASTAR ID and is a permanent number and can be used season after season (i.e. there's no need to register each season).

The Registration Number (along with a password) also provides you with a means to login to NASTAR Racing so that you can maintain your race record, update or hide personal information, merge duplicate records, change your name, post a photo to your record and register for special events.

If you are unsure if you have a NASTAR Registration Number, search for your name. The search will pull a list of similar names and you should click on your name. If you are logged in, there will be ** next to your name on the list and your name will appear next to Welcome. If you have not logged in, click on the PERSONAL tab and it will say:

I am Your Name and I would like to login!  

Click on this option and create a password for your record. Once you Login you will have control of your record. Make sure to remember your NASTAR Registration Number as it will improve your on-mountain and online experience. You can always go directly to your record by entering your registration number in the Search Names field.

If your name is not found when you search NASTAR, simply register and create a record for free.

Good luck and have fun!