NASTAR racecourses are opening across the nation! 

Click this link to see where you can race Race NASTAR 

To view results from resorts that are already open, check the Recent Races link on the homepage. You can also search for race results under the RESULTS tab.

This is an exciting time of year as most of us anticipate getting in the gates and working on lowering our handicaps. To help ease race anxiety, take it slow during your first few runs through the gates. The best way to gain confidence is to ski a conservative race line and give yourself some space as you pass each gate. As you find your edges, begin to tighten up your line and focus on standing on your skis in an athletic stance. Knees bent, ankles flexed, hands driving down the hill and the most important When you smile, you will release the tension in your body. 

So, when the starter says... Racer Ready? Run through your checklist as he/she calls out…five seconds:

4-Bend your knees

3-flex your ankles

2-hands forward




If you have questions about race schedules, check with your local resort.

Good luck, have fun and smile.