Regional Pacesetting Trials

NASTAR stands for the NATional STAndard Race and Pacesetting is the glue that holds the NASTAR program together. Each NASTAR resort or club must have certified Pacesetters set the Par Time, or the National Standard for each race. Once the Par Time is set, every racer earns a handicap based on their performance. The system allows NASTAR racers to compete on different mountains, on different days and compare their skills.

Ryan Cochran-Siegle (RCS) is the National Pacesetter and the zero handicap. Resort and Club Pacesetters earn certified pacesetting handicaps at the trials and their handicap represents the difference between their time and Ryan's time expressed as a percentage (e.g. 15 handicap = 15% behind RCS's time).

The Pacesetting Trials are not open to the public.

Deer Valley, UT             December 14        Details

Crystal Mountain, MI    December 15      Details

Wild Mountain, MN      December 16       Details

Buck Hill, MN                 December 16       Details

Palisades Tahoe, CA    December 16       Details

Aspen Mountain, CO     December 17    Details


Wachusett, MA           January 3            Details


Additional Regional Pacesetting Trial races will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned.


To Enter: Go to and Log In to your race record. Then, click on REGISTER. At the bottom of the screen you will see a list of resorts that are accepting online registration. Click on the event you would like to attend to enter.

Pacesetters looking to attend a Regional Pacesetting Trial must be registered with NASTAR and sign the online waiver. If a Pacesetter is not in the NASTAR Database, they must create a NASTAR record by Registering on the NASTAR web site.

Pacesetter Handicaps

Pacesetters will earn certified pacesetting handicaps at the Pacesetting Trials. Pacesetters' handicaps will be recorded to the hundredth of a point. The lowest handicap earned during the race will serve as the pacesetter’s Certified Pacesetting Handicap.

Resort Requirement

To ensure the integrity of the NASTAR Handicap System, each NASTAR resort is required to send, at minimum, two (2) pacesetters and not more than five (5) pacesetters to a Regional Pacesetting Trial. If a resort or club needs to send additional pacesetter to the trials the resort's NASTAR Coordinator must submit a request for additional entries. NASTAR pacesetters do not need to be the fastest racers, but they must be consistent. It is highly recommended that each resort and club have at least one pacesetter with a handicap of 15 or lower. A pacesetter with a certified handicap of 15 or lower can host local pacesetting races to establish pacesetting handicaps for additional resort pacesetters. Local pacesetting races must be certified by NASTAR.

All NASTAR races must have a pacesetter with a certified NASTAR Handicap so that he/she can set the Par Time. 

Setting up pacesetters in the NASTAR timing software is easy once pacesetters earn certified pacesetting handicaps. The Pacesetter Database is updated each time a resort connects to NASTAR with the timing software via an internet connection.