Did you know that you can earn badges racing NASTAR and track your participation and personal standings online at the NASTAR website? There are several categories of badges that you can win. You do not have to win races to win badges, and with the addition of more badges this season, there is even more room to rack up new badges. There are six different groups in which badges can be earned. Within these six groups, new badges are awarded when new levels of participation are reached.


The first badge that is up for grabs can be earned when you sign up to follow five Buddies. There are no other badges for the total number of Buddies that you follow throughout the season but following your friends and family members and getting notifications of when where they raced is really fun.


Total Results is a badge that is awarded after five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Total Results are recorded. There is also a badge awarded based on the total number of Days Raced, and athletes earn a badge after one race day, three days, ten days and twenty-five NASTAR Days Raced.


One of the most prestigious badges awarded is for the total number of different Resorts Raced at per season. Badges are earned after racing at two, five, ten or twenty different resorts. You can also earn a badge based on the total number of seasons you have raced a NASTAR since 1999. If you have raced NASTAR for five years, ten years, fifteen or twenty plus years you have probably already earned a badge. Yes, we know many of you have raced for longer than twenty years but our stats only go back to 1999! 


Not only do these badges provoke self-improvement but they also unite the NASTAR community. William Mitchell is an active participant in NASTAR and is currently in first place for days raced in the 25-day category. Mitchell grew up racing in New Hampshire but now races mainly at Deer Valley in Utah. 


“I am a big fan of the badges because it gives me a chance to see friends who are both nearby and far away,” said Mitchell. “ It stimulates conversation among us particularly among some long lost distant friends.”


The badges earned on the website can fluctuate throughout the season as folks earn more or get beat out for certain winnings. While they serve as personal benchmarks they are also very helpful when wanting to track down results across the country. 


William Mitchell is a fan of the community aspect of NASTAR. “It is another hook that NASTAR provides the users to pay attention to what's going on with the racing Nationally and [the program] has done a good job stimulating the community feel that we have for NASTAR.”


The most recent addition to the badge collection is the Life Time Achievement badge for the total number of resorts. Participants earn a badge after racing at five different NASTAR resorts. There are nearly 10,000 participants that have visited five resorts and there are more than 2,000 racers that have competed at ten resorts. Only 99 racers have raced NASTAR at more than 20 resorts and only seven have been to 30 host resorts. Nobody has made it to 40 or 50 NASTAR resorts, so if you are looking to top the list, get out there and start racing at some new to you NASTAR resorts.


If you still aren’t sure where to find what badges you have, we’ve written a detailed “how-to” that you can watch or read about by going here. If you are still having trouble, login to your NASTAR record and click on the BADGES tab in the blue bar within your race record.