We’re excited to share a number of website functionality enhancements that will improve your user experience on the NASTAR website. These enhancements now allow you access to personal revisions to your profile, easy access to your latest results, up to date rankings, quick access to Championship Race registration, and information about the new badges you’ve received. We've put together an easy to follow video that will walk you through every step of the new website from logging in to how to use the new badge features! 



You can follow along by watching the video, or you can follow our steps below to help you set up your new user profile experience. 


Logging In: Go to NASTAR.com and login by clicking the blue silhouette on the far left side of the navigation bar. Now enter your registration number and password.

NASTAR homepage


If you’re already logged in, you can access your profile page through the blue silhouette and then by clicking on your hyperlinked name in yellow next to “Welcome”. This is your profile page where you can navigate your results, update personal information, check rankings, register for championships, select buddies to follow, earn badges and sign up for notifications.  


The boxes on your user profile outline the following additions:

user profile box



Personal Page:  On this page, you can update and edit personal information, create or join a team, select to join in on our NASTAR Newsletter, and reset your password. You also have the option to add a photo to your profile.


Results: On this page, you are able to see your latest results from your local hill, Championship race results and more. For each race run, you can see which course you ran, your handicap and what medal category you finished in. You can also remove results that were posted in error via the yellow tools box.


Rankings: Here you can see your rankings handicap and team scores for all of your races along with where you ranked within your age and gender category.  You can also see your total days raced and the number of results for that season.  


Championships: On the Championship tab you can see a history of National Championships you have qualified for and your results at the National Championships. If you’ve qualified for the national championships. You also have easy access to the championship registration pages. If you haven’t already signed up for the Regional Championships, visit your user profile page to easily register.


Badges: This is an exciting new element that we've added to your NASTAR racing experience. You can earn and collect five different types of NASTAR badges throughout the season. Simply adding five buddies earns you a badge and you can earn badges for the total number of days raced, total number of results, how many different resorts races and total career years raced. Plus, if you're one of the first 50 to earn a badge you'll have bragging rights because you'll be listed on the page detailing that badge!


Buddies: The Buddy system allows you to quickly navigate to records for your friends, family and competitors. Search for their name in the top magnifying glass, go to their 'Buddies' tab, and click the link to add them to your list so you can keep track of their results all season long.  


If you’d like to opt out of the buddy system...go back to your profile, click buddies and ... “click here”. Opting out will remove any buddies you may have, not allow you to add buddies, and not allow anyone to add you as a buddy.


Notifications: This feature allows you to stay up to date with your NASTAR results. You can opt to enable notifications about new results, new results of buddies, new badges, new badges of buddies and National Championship qualifications. You can choose between email and text notifications.


Homepage:  Don’t forget, the homepage is a great source for news and feature stories. Stay up to date each week with the latest race information, National Pacesetter social media feeds, stories about local NASTAR racers and more.