How to View Your Race Record

A NASTAR Race Record is created and stored on for each NASTAR participant. The Race Record contains your personal information, season-long race results, handicaps, race-day statistics and rankings and enables you to monitor your individual performance and vital race statistics online throughout the season. Simply put, we've created a place for you to compare your race performance with other competitors across the country.

To view your Race Record or Race Records for any registered NASTAR participant enter the last name or NASTAR Registration Number of the participant you wish to find by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of any page to search by name. Click on the full name of the participant to view their race record. If you enter a NASTAR Registration Number in the Last Name field you will go directly to the Race Record. This option is also available under the RESULTS tab.

If you login, your name will appear in the upper left side of the results and rankings pages. You can access your Race Record at any time by clicking on your name next to Welcome.

Within 24 hours from the time you race NASTAR, your race results will be posted to your Race Record at when the resort uploads the day's races. If you're already a registered NASTAR member (that is, you are in our database) your race results will automatically be added to your existing Race Record. If you're a first-timer, a Race Record will be created for you, you will be issued a NASTAR Registration Number and your race results will be added to your Race Record.

In addition, NASTAR provides you with the ability to maintain your Race Record during the year. After your first race and throughout the season, we strongly suggest that you verify the personal information and race results on your Race Record are complete and accurate. Click here for instructions on how to maintain your Race Record.

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