About the National Pacesetter and the Par Time

World and Olympic Champion Ted Ligety is the NASTAR National Pacesetter.

Every time you race NASTAR you are racing against Ted and his Par Time. The handicap you earn is the percentage your time is behind Ted's time (e.g. 15 handicap = 15 percent behind Ted's time). Every NASTAR race has a pacesetter that sets the Par Time for Ted before each race.

Click Here and take a ride with Ted as he sets the Par Time for NASTAR.

The NASTAR Handicap System gives ski and snowboard racers a simplified system to gauge their ability and to monitor their progress throughout the season. NASTAR racers can compare their race results to other competitors at the same resort after one race. When three races are completed on three different days participants can compare themselves to other racer in their state of residence and nationally regardless of when and where they race.

We are honored to have Ted Ligety setting the standard for the NASTAR program. When you race Ted you are competing against one of the greatest GS racers of all time.